Plika is Financial Planning and Analysis made simple

Financial planning and analysis made simple

 Every organization has some sort of ERP, or place where they can plan their yearly budget, allocate budget to accounts and mayor accounts for executing the strategies set out by the chief staff.

But some organizations, even some with thousands of employees around the world, have a hard time controlling, analizing and communicating changes to financial planning.

Suffer no more.


That is motto at Plika 

Plika will help you with Controlling and Auditing your financial planning decisions flow and will help create reports and visualize the right information at the relevant time.

Control your Cashflow with Forecasting capabilities and gain the competitive advantage that only SAP users used to have, with just a fraction of the cost.

What are the big differences between Plika and an ERP?

Plika covers the Budget, Control, Forecast and Reportin needs.
Plika works on both historical and projected values
Plika is less rigid than an ERP and provides more flexible reporting
Plika is scalable and easy to connect to your ERP or BI
You can project data and attain predictive capabilities

Why is Plika different from implementing a BI solution for financial planning and analysis

Plika makes it easier to assign and control roles and responsibilities
Plika helps execute the workflow as it has due dates and notifications for desicion management
Plika requires a softer learning curve and enables collaboration

Save time with a cloud solution for your Financial Planning and Analysis needs

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