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DATA is the new gold. To extract it, clean it, and deliver it in a valuable presentation we work with the best teams in implementing data driven solutions.

We help organizations discover, extract, and create value from their Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and other external or internal sources.

We can implement a wide array of solutions, from descriptive analytics to predictive analysis, with the help of the latest AI and ML tools.

Our services include:

Data Extraction, Modeling, Cleansing, Clustering, Analysis, Evaluation, Data-Viz Presentation.
Implementation and support of data pipelines for scalable data projects.
Recommendation models, Customer Segmentation Models, Sentiment Analysis, Fraud Detection.
Multi-model approach, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence projects.
Projects for embedding DS into the organization.
Task Automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies.
Dashboards and automated or data triggered reports.

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