AI in Uruguay : Monkeylearn

Monkeylearn is a text analysis toolset that allow for process improvements in areas like Customer Service, operations, and development. Through techniques based in Machine Learning, their algorithms can do sentiment analysis, keyword detection, and gather intent and other topics from gathered data.

The latform uses APIs to connect to other cloud systems, to provide data pipelines integrations with ease, then it uses different extractors for these online tools.

Monkeylearn uses text extractors, to detect entities, features or keywords, and later the classifiers to give meaning like sentiment to this extracted data.

One can build different extractors and adjust the classifiers to their purpose. 

To provide these features, Monkeylearn will charge around $300 a month with only email support.

We liked their Gentle Guide into Machine Learning

Although the company is based in Sillicon Valley, most of their workforce is in Uruguay, and most from them studied at Universidad ORT.

Founded in 2014, and with less than 40 employees, they have attained 2.2M seed funding, as reported in Crunchbase, So once more we say, Bring your AI business to Uruguay

Their specialties: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Text Analysis, and Deep Learning

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