Artificial Intelligence powered sales and marketing

 SALESmanago is a CRM, an eCommerce Solution and a Marketing automation platform that enables to personalize, grow, and scale a sales operation by delivering customized experiences to your customers.

Embedded Machine Learning

This Marketing Automation Platform, will allow you to define tags and aid in customer segmentation, evaluations will be performed on your data and delivered back as scoring for various customer types and recommended strategies.

Product Recommendation Engine

Using your prodcut data and the customer preferences, SALESmanago will build a product recommendation widget for your site, or for your marketing campaigns.

Unlimited emails

 There is no limit to the features of the platform or to the ammount of interactions you can manage, SALESmanago will only charge per Contacts, at very competitive prices for the ammount of features it enables.

Personalized content based on AI

Having a good project management team behind the impkementation of an automation platform that helps drive sales and visualize key customer data, is critical to be able to react in time to customer demands.

This platform has a fully capable API to integrate with your Shopify site or other platforms like Marketo, which enables new possibilities for companies that want to enhance current capabilities and have interactions that drive change.

Whattsapp integration

Communicating with your customers is more efficient whenyou use their preferred contact methods, but stil keep all the information on the same system for enhancing omnichanel experiences.


This is the one favourite feature of many CTOs and eCommerce Managers. With the license, you can send as many marketing emails as you want.

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