Artificial Intelligence Uruguay

Know which companies in Uruguay are working on Artificial Intelligence

Which will be the first Artificial Intelligence company from Uruguay that we will profile on the Artificial Intelligence Uruguay posts?

AI is the future of services, not just online services

We aim to make a weekly post at Uruguayan companies using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science, to offer services and products and study their cases, prototypes, and other interesting and relevant information about the subject.

If you want your AI company to be reviewed, just send us an email and we´ll make sure to make a place for you to showcase what Artificial Intelligence can do for your customers.

We are already picking names, and we hope to be able to provide good testimonies of their paths, their learning experiences, and lessons they have for everyone taking the innovation path.

If you want to send us a suggestion for a Post, please send us an email to

AI to make services more human

Artificial Intelligence has the power to identify the needs of the people it serves, and determine the best solution for a given input. Detecting some pointers to emotional responses is becoming easier and provides with new possibilities of segmentation, clustering and personalizing your offer to suit the need of the moment.

Uruguay as an Artificial Intelligence HUB

Uruguay has some particularities, that make it a great place for investing on technology projects. Fiscal benefits are increasingly popular for companies to bring their services to our many "Technological Parks" and also the fact that the country has great connection speeds, and a very stable economy which gives the guarantees great corporations need.

Read Here to know why we said this a year ago.

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