What is workforce optimization?

When you have implemented a sales process, you can come up with some difficulties like having your workforce use a set of different tools to organize their activities, that do not talk to each other, so they loose time, and often valuable data, on which to build a scientific approach to your business.

Z Workforce for sales excellence

Look at the video below on how Z Workforce simplifies the journey of the sales team;
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The sales team´s effort will always be, converting leads into customers, usually through the sales order process, now it´s easier to keep track of your customer related activities and their results.

With a team that uses ZWorkforce, Route Planning can be optimized and all the results of the visits are inmediate and can reach procurement teams just in time.

When Eliminating paperwork, a lot of the usual obstacles for collaboration, like information silos, and data asymetries dissapear, allowing for co-creation and a common language between teams.

Since excellence is a practice, and all practices can be designed and validated, then excellence is just science.

How does workforce automation come in?

And now imagine if the Visits registered in ZWorkforce, could update Activities to the same Customer Records on HubSpot.

This is one of the ways in which APIs enable automation and growth can be implemented as scientific process of seeing what works for your particular case. With the right service design, the chatflows and automations that exist on these platforms, can assist the sales team with qualifying leads and capture key data.

Results of visits, can trigger new pipelines or tickets on Hubspot.
Updates to Customer could also update lifecycles on your CRM.
Contacts created in your CRM, can create and update contacts on ZWorkforce.
New form submissions on Hubspot could schedule new visits on ZWorkforce.

This is what concatenators call Recipes, a special way of connecting services, pretty much like any user can do on ifttt.com.

If you still do not have a CRM, please start for free with HubSpot.

Need help with your implementation, contact us at automation@odinideas.com 

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