Choosing between Artificial Intelligence Projects

Choosing an AI project

To choose which AI project you should invest your time and effort on, is simply an analysis of 3 dimensions. 


Time should be measured on days to complete a project, based on expert's estimations. Time estimations are crucial in any project, if you need help in acquiring Times estimation practices, you can contact us at 

Time is important because the solutions we deliver need to be relevant and usable when they are released.


This should be an estimate of the human and material resources needed to complete the tasks within the expected time, some organizations allow projects to be resource crashed to be able to complete deliverables in less time, so time is usually the first constraint, not only because it's a clear critical data element of the projects performance, but is also tied to the relevancy of the project. Effort thus, needs to be assesed before and after time is defined.


To determine value, we will use an industry standard, that says that the derived value of a solution, is based on the ammount of potential customers, multiplied by the  frequency of usage, times the willingness to pay for the current solution, and divide that by the level of satisfaction. So we have our scale for choosing projects, based on those metrics.

How does your organization choose what projects to dive into? Add your comments or send us your needs to


Since we are creating an illusion of inteligent interactions with AI projects, we need to make sure that the desicions that our systems take for us, are Ethical, and comply to regulations. The best way to ensure this, is to be transparent and try to choose explainable AI models when implementing a solution that might be impacting other human beings.


So we should focus on high value, low effort, short timed, ethical projects, just like in every area of our lives, and we need to educate with our designs and make sure that we are always doing the right things and not just doing things right.

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