Difference between AI, ML and Data Science

What are the differences between Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? 

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to discipline definitions in the field of Data and Analytics. A lot of it caused by the hype and the pre-paradigmatic moment we live in, but also a lot of it because of the misuse of these terms to try to get you to click on that ad.

To clarify once and for all, these 3 terms are not analogies.

Data Science = Insights

Data science is the process through which we can extract, tidy, analyze, and finally extract knowledge from Data. Data science includes modeling and presentation, and is crucial to operationalize data, and create stable models to be able to practice ML.

Machine Learning = Predictions

Machine Learning, is when we can use the data models, and the logical, geometric or probabilistic tools to predict an output based on the data that is input. Machine learning is used to classify, and generate inductions based on the models.

Artificial Intelligence = Actions

Artificial Intelligence, is when we can use our ML models, incombination with other tools, to create the illusion of intelligence behind a process that makes a decision.

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