Are you communicating your post-covid vision clearly?

Company culture is what separate great companies from the rest. And clear vision, is the basis for a healthy company culture. 

Lack of vision is unsettling

You´re not going to argue with McKinsey, so let´s focus on what you can do to better communicate your vision and a clear organizational message that reduces anxiety.

Make it short

Make it so short and clear that employees can remember it by heart and find it easy to do so.

Make it match your mission

Make sure that this vision is aligned with what you are aiming to accomplish for your customers.

Say how you will get there

List the strategic actions, and the milestones that will allow you to go through your roadmap to success.

Unions don´t just sprout from the ether

Conflict is something that builds up. It starts with an event, then turns into a pattern, and when you want to notices, it has become a relationship matter where facts don´t matter anymore.

Don´t let it get ot that point. If you make sure your employees are taken care of, they will take care of your customers.

Make sure you use the right Communications Management System to communicate and align your team.

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