Why we write our posts in english?

 The reasons we write our posts in english

Searches in english language inside the uruguayan territory are scarcer than the ones in spanish, thus less competition for the search space.

English language has almost no strange characters, and where it does, they can be easily replaced by a formal, longer form, making HTML render better on some browsers and devices, making it less prone to an ugly experience.

English language translates really well into every other language, and your browser knows where you are positioned, offering you immediate, artificial intelligence assisted translation, unless you do not use a modern browser.

Most of the terms in tech space are in english.

Let us know on a comment, if this post is translating well, or really badly.

Also blogger posts are ranked very nicely on your searches.

We know all of this, because we have validated it. And we just got our 10th direct call for an implementation of a Machine Learning project we had to decline because our calendar is so full right now.

True story.

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