Don´t you dare sign that petition

 If you read the open letter asking to pause giant AI experiments, you know it is not possible nor desirable that AI stops improving in capabilities and quality.

This is what Chat GPT came out with:

Who is afraid of AI?

Here is the infamous Open letter against progress

Some people consider this letter to be massively stupid, and they are quite right. Big AI systems don´t pose that much of a risk to humanity, only to societies, and institutions, especially governments. Humans will prevail, they have always done so. It is bureaucracy that might get ran over by the train called future.

Check this article in VICE:

The big risk is loosing control, but control is not a value. Freedom is one. Loosing Democracy, or Capitalism, is considered as a big threat, but those trying to save these ideas, have done very little in proposing better ones. And we all know that we would rather be governed by a machine than by fat bureaucrats afraid of machines that are very convinced that progress comes in the form of lack of progress.

Anyone that has flown over a border, is aware that countries are a fiction. AI can make that clearer and can bring the best solution, ideology-ridden, everywhere. Only because you love the epic or the mysticism of your world, does not make it more valuable than others. 

If we allow these fearmongers to penalize progress, what will happen is that progress in AI will remain hidden from public sight, just like what might have happened to cloning, or not.

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